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A mitzvah occurs when, by acting on Jewish values, something good happens for others or ourselves.

Are you or a fellow congregant in need of a helping hand? The CDT Caring Committee is re-forming to assistant you. If you or someone you know is in mourning, undergoing surgery, or battling an illness, please contact the Caring Committee. Please notify the Caring Committee if we can help-- call the CDT office at 770-623-8860 to reach Rabbi Jordan The Caring Committee will be available to deliver meals, provide support and send messages of healing and concern.

Years ago, temple communities did not have Caring Committees to meet the diverse needs of a congregation. Today, however, with our many obligations and busy schedules, we need one another more than ever before! The goal of the Congregation Dor Tamid Keshet Committee is to foster a caring community within our congregation, to help each congregant feel recognized, heard, comforted and valued as an important member of our community. To be there for each other, offering support to mourners, bikor cholim (visiting the sick), and other acts of gimilut hasadim (loving kindness). We hope to foster a culture where it is ok to call and ask for a visit, for some help shopping, for a meal.

I hope you will contact the Keshet Committee to volunteer at any level you are comfortable with. Perhaps occasionally cooking a dinner for a family sitting shiva, or calling committee members when bikor cholim is needed. If you cannot currently commit time, consider donating to the Caring Committee Fund. This fund will help the Committee expand its services.

Remember that the Mitzvot is not only to help others, but for others to do Mitzvot by allowing us help them. hope you will consider calling us if there is a need for our services. If you are a parent who has been nursing a sick child, we can give you a break, some breathing time, by visiting your child for a while. If there is a death in your family, allow us to bring over a meal for your family during shiva or wait at your home for food to be delivered. If a congregant is in the hospital or a nursing home, let us know. We would like to visit and hopefully brighten someone's day.

Contact the Keshet Committee by emailing


Tue, September 17 2019 17 Elul 5779