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The Engagement Initiative began in 2015 with the goal of finding ways of getting congregants more engaged within CDT. The Initiative began with the Moments Program and in 2018 a second branch was added to our initiative with the Connections Program.

The goal of the CDT Moments Program is to help foster a sense of connection and engagement with CDT. Through the Moments Program, congregants are invited to participate in a short survey that identifies participants interests, skills, and personal characteristics among other things. Congregants are then asked to donate Moments of time above and beyond what they normally do at CDT. The participants are then matched up with events and needs at CDT and asked to do various tasks to fulfill their Moments. These Moments focus on opportunities to give back to the CDT community in enriching ways. Some examples of past Moments from this program are: blowing the shofar during high holidays, baking for an event or an oneg, providing chicken soup for our soup freezer, volunteering for the Hanukkah or Purim celebration, gardening, providing food for meals at the Zaban Shelter, just to name a few.

The CDT Connections Program is the second branch of the Engagement Initiative which began in 2018 and grew from Rabbi Jordan’s and the committee’s desire to make congregants, prospective congregants and guests feel welcome while they are in our building. The goal of the Connections Program is to help ensure that everyone feels a shared sense of community, belonging and connection within our home. There is a team of Connections Ambassadors who are present at events to assure that people are engaged and comfortable during their time in our building. These Ambassadors also do outreach beyond our walls to promote a greater sense of belonging to our CDT community.

The two branches of the Engagement Initiative, Moments and Connections, works with staff, lay leadership and congregants to strive toward our goal of creating a greater sense of connection and community here at CDT.

Please contact Leslie Fox and Wendy Rosen at with any questions or comments.

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Sh'vat 5781