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Welcome to CDT Early Learning Academy!

Open the door to  amazing discoveries!

Our unique preschool education program is full of inspiring opportunities and the highest quality childcare, which ensures your little ones will not only start their educational journeys successfully, but they will be happy and engaged with other students and the world around them.

 Inspire your child!

The CDT Early Learning Academy offers more than just classroom instruction.  Our program provides a unique opportunity to become part of both the synagogue community as well as a global community that values cultural diversity,  multiple perspectives, and the needs of each child.

Nurturing Every Child's Potential!

We believe that a teacher is not just someone who teaches but also inspires, respects, and understands every child. Our program is based on the principles of self-management and freedom of choice, where each child can express their talents, imagination, and interests under the guidance of experienced and caring educators.

We encourage creativity, personal development, and respect for others. Here, your child not only learns but also becomes the best version of themselves, inspired and confident in their abilities. Join us, where every child is a unique and valued individual!

Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784