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A Jewish life is a fulfilling one, and our rabbi works with any person - member or not - who wishes to pursue conversion to Judaism. You may set up an exploration meeting with our rabbi where any and all questions are welcome.

To work with the rabbi for conversion, candidates meet with the rabbi on an agreed basis for preparation towards the conversion, attend adult education classes at CDT, attend community services and programs. Our rabbi’s philosophy is that conversion to Judaism is a personal journey: each candidate schedules a meeting when they are ready and can complete the process at their own pace. Most conversion students take about a year to complete the process.

Following the complete of the conversion process, all candidates will meet with a Beit Din, a tribunal of community rabbis who interview the candidate and affirm their conversion. Following the meeting with the Beit Din, the candidate will then immerse in the mikveh (ritual bath), to complete their conversion to Judaism.

To schedule an appointment with the rabbi, contact Rabbi Jordan at 770-623-8860 or

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyar 5784