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2 Ways to Help Others through CDT

November 22 - December 6

Dropoff for both drives is at CDT in the bins located
by double doors between the sanctuary and staff entrance.

Supporting The Place of Forsyth County

       Infants/Toddlers                             Elementary Age                              Teens
          Blankets                                    Remote control toys                    Perfume
          Diaper bags                               Walkie talkies                             Bath and body products
          Diapers/wipes/bibs                    Spiderman anything                   Make-up/nail polish
          Musical toys                              Cars/trucks/cases                       Blow dryer/scrunchies
          Paw Patrol                                 Arts and crafts                            Scarves
          Sesame Street                           Nerf                                            Face masks/skin care
                                                             Lego                                          Purses/wallets
                                                             Out Generation dolls                 Gift cards
                                                             Disney anything                         Any sports balls
                                                             Play-doh                                    Skateboards
                                                             Puzzles                                      Rollerblades/rollerskates
                                                             Jewelry                                       Dartboards

They do not need board games or stuffed animals!

Items will be delivered to families in time to put lots of smiles on kid's faces!!

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Supporting Action Ministries’ Smart Lunch, Smart Kid Initiative

Kickoff via Zoom:

Sunday, November 22 from 11:30AM-12:30PM
Santia Moore, a hunger relief program manager at Action Ministries,
will join usto explain this initiative and answer any questions.

Join fellow CDTers in packing food for hungry kids from your home.  

A great activity for the entire family!

Once you have packed as many bags as you would like over the two weeks
drop them off at CDT in the bins located by double doors
between the sanctuary and staff entrance.

Over a million children in Georgia depend on government funded food programs
through their local school. For many of these children, this meal is the only meal
for the day. During weekends and school breaks, this vital meal is lost. With the COVID pandemic, the situation has been exacerbated.

   Pack 6 meals per one-gallon zip-lock bags with the following:

4 Entrees (ravioli, ramen noodles, soup, stew, canned or pouch chicken or tuna, etc.)

*  2 single-serve breakfast items (oatmeal pack, grits pack, cereal bowl, cereal bar, 
pop tarts, etc.)

*  2-4 fruit cups/cans of veggies

*  2-4 single-serve snacks (pretzels, beef stick, raisins, crackers, popcorn, granola bars,
fruit bars, etc.)

*  You can also include encouraging notes and/or drawings.



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